Early in the morning, I enter the old temple,the rising sun ointing the lofty tree-top. Through the bamboo grove a winding path leads to a quiet place , among flowers and tree is the Buddhist meditation house. Birds are lively with green mountains in the sun . While reflections in the calm pond purify man’s mind . All other sounds, at this point seem to die down , except for the hollow temple-bell tolling.

<Meditation Rooms at the Back of the Cleft-Boulder Hill Temple> Chang Jian


The restaurant is located in Wener Road, West Lake District, Hangzhou. The jollification of the downtown enfolds the tranquility. The concept of garden winding path is introduced into the dining space, where Jiangnan charm and contemporary spirit are integrated here. The image of Jiangnan courtyard is brought into the dining environment,which creates the atmosphere of “there is room in the courtyard, there is courtyard in the room” in the space.


Man is the master of the earth, but is also the slave of intestines and stomach. The open stall serves as a prelude to the grand banquet hall and the space center. The unenclosed partition increases the curvature of the tour line. Matched with the gray marble floor tiles, the light from the soft-lighted wall lamps concentrates on the console and display cabinets, which looks like the mist is transpiring.So that visitors are attracted by food and color when they stroll.


It was applied to the space of the corridor structure which is similar to the Jiangnan garden. The atrium and courtyard surrounded by the horse corridor in the garden are replaced by seafood open stalls and banquet halls, one small and the other large, respectively.


The “art installation gallery” in the public veranda connects the dry landscape of sand and stone with pine and bamboo forests, while the modified wooden decorative column is combined with the mirrored ceiling, which extends the spatial depth and expands the spatial interface visually.


The decorative columns of the corridor which is made by cross steel columns are covered by wood, the bottom of which is contrary to the traditional garden veranda foundation form where the internal steel structure is exposed, and the bottom is embedded with lights to create a light shape.


The color of the whole space changes from quiet to bustling from the entrance to the banquet hall. The banquet hall adopts a large area of pink patterned carpets, and the gray tablecloths and white ceilings are dyed in light red, which creates a deep contrast atmosphere with the entrance hall.


The dried flowers hanging upside down in the rest area and the green plants under the flowers are also a kind of memory images of the south of the Yangtze River, where the river flowers bloom, the cold moon is silent, and the heart is singing.


The private dining room is inspired by the study of Jiangnan with foil-rolled half-windows where you can experience as if stays quietly in a scholarly courtyard with the surrounding scenery of the verdant dew and the faint morning mist.Indulging in nature while experience time flows quietly.


Based on several Shese Mogu landscape paintings (Shese refers to a category of Chinese landscape, Mogu refers to a color modulation way), it shows the exquisite, transparency and slim Jiangnan courtyard view.It is like experiencing in the long corridor surrounding the pavilion with long windows in the lake in the painting when you walking in the roaming path of the corridor of the curved courtyard, which coincides with the overall space experience.


The ornament of red leather sofa adds a bright color to the silent space and shapes the high-level sense of space. It is like the pomegranate encountered in the green screen of Jiangnan backyard, and the red umbrella that you encountered in the lane.


The grooves on the wall of the banquet hall, embedded with light bars, and the light is sprinkled on the mountain sculptures, as if reflecting the blur of the sky and the river. The top of the mountain is dotted with golden color. To some extent, it is similar with turning the stone into gold. The ethereal mountain color and cloud shadow float together, echoing the landscape painting on the wall, conveys the tranquility and mystery of Eastern Zen.

树影婆娑下, 觥筹交错间, 食客如同徜徉于都市园林中,交谈,会友,舒心,在自然人文与艺术和谐共处的概念里,体悟纯质简单、归元至一的意境美。

Under the shadows of the trees, the diners are like walking in the urban garden, chatting, meeting friends, and feeling comfortable. In the concept of the harmonious coexistence of nature, humanities and art, they could realize the beauty of pure, simple, and unified artistic conception.






设计团队:蒋建宇 李水 李珍贵 舒凯荣 史伟文

陈设设计:楼婷 张宇婷





Project information——

Project name: Min Ren Min Jia Restaurant (Wener Road Store)

Project area: 2912㎡

Project location: Hangzhou, China

Project duration: May 2019 to September 2019

Design company: DA XIANG Design

Design team: Jiang Jianyu, Li Shui, Li Zhengui, Shu Kairong, Shi Weiwen

Decorative design: Lou Ting, Zhang Yuting

Art decoration: DA XIANG Lotus Art Design

Material design: Liu Yongliang

Photography: Luhaha

Video: Fang Wenchen