From the “Mo Ling” in the Qin and Han Dynasties to the “Jianye” in the Western Jin Dynasty, from the “Jiankang” in the Three Kingdoms period to the “Jinling” in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, and then to Nanjing today. Standing on the banks of the Yangtze River, this vicissitudes of ancient city has experienced wind and rain. What gives this city a sense of culture is its history of ups and downs, ups and downs, and repeated changes, which gives Nanjing a deep and rich heritage.



As Zhu Ziqing described: “Walking in Nanjing is like visiting antique shops. There are some traces of erosion from the era everywhere. You can touch, pay tribute, and dream leisurely; think of the rise and fall of the Six Dynasties, the romance of Wang Xie, and the beauty of Qinhuai. These may just be old tunes, but after some thoughtfulness, they are different.”


This case Hezi is located in the Jianye District of Nanjing, and Jianye is also one of Nanjing’s nicknames. Taking the history of Nanjing as the keynote, people can feel the historical heritage of Nanjing while relaxing.

通过设计上光影、材质、 肌理的选择,以及空间的明暗对比,使空间变得有深意,值得去体验和无限回味。

Through the design of light and shadow, material, texture selection, and the contrast of light and dark in the space, the space becomes meaningful, worthy of experience and infinite aftertaste.


Using modern techniques to interpret the past history, the regular octagonal installation on the top of the hall is like being under an ancient pavilion. The chandelier in the center of the top surface and the octagonal table on the ground all echo with it.


“One hairpin, two hairpins, three-step shaking”, hairpin is not only a decorative object, but also an item of affection. Extracting the elements from the golden hairpin and pinning the emotions in it, it seems to have returned to the golden city of Jinling that was rich in natural treasures in the past.

▲结构概念 Structural concept



The reception area is on the side of the hall, and the experience of shuttle space is opened with a step-by-step guide method. The overall space pays attention to enclosure and symmetry. The glass screen enhances the privacy of the space while not damaging the overall environment, making the two spaces independent and dependent on each other.

▲轴测分析 Axonometric analysis


The scroll installation of butterfly embroidery paintings and the frame of butterfly specimens seem to have butterflies flying out and dancing at any time; the unfolded folding fans and the hanging brushes seem to be slowly coming by literati and inkmen at all times; the color jumping off the floral art The dark space adds a bright color; while the mirror installation increases interaction, it also extends the visual effect.



The material selection is mainly based on nostalgic texture. The deep stone and wood veneer, with bronze gold and dark green as the space to set off the retro tone. The combination of mosaic tiles, mottled embroidered mirrors, and colorful wallpaper make the environment richer and diversified, and also provide a more refined expression for the details.


“The boats in the Qinhuai River are better than those in the Beijing Wanshengyuan and the Summer Palace, better than those in the West Lake, or even better than those in the Slender West Lake in Yangzhou. The boats in these places are either stupid or simple and cramped; It can’t arouse the sentiment of the passengers, just like the boat on the Qinhuai River.” Just like the city of Nanjing, time has created a unique charm here.


It is said that the ancient capital of the Six Dynasties has a strong imperial spirit, but if you take a closer look at Nanjing, the poetry everywhere has long been crushed in blood. One door and one floor show the years, and every brick and tile hides the story.


Through the memory corridor of the beauty of the ancient city, the traces of history reappear in the space; while dialogue, while rewriting the new story of contemporary spiritual memory.


“For ten miles, Qinhuai gave birth to spring dreams, and the six dynasties smoke and moon gathered in Jinling.”


Hezi is not only a geographic coordinate, but also the best leisure place for modern people to break through the hustle and bustle and cultivate their morale.


It originates from nobleness and originality; explains Tao with fullness and dreams.


Jinling Chunmeng originated from this.

▲平面布置图 Layout plan














视频创作:炮焦罐头映像Focans Image

Project Information——

Project Name:Hezi Health-Nanjing Store

Location:Jianye, Nanjing



Space design:Wenru Hu

Furnishing design:Shuangshuang Qi,Huahua Deng

Engineering Director:Xiaobo Ding


Design time:August 2020

Completion time:January 2021

Main materials:Stone, Tile, Wood,Glass, Wallpaper, Metal

Project Photography:Ming Chen

Video Creation:Focans Image