镜像 — 有限的无限

Reflection—Templates Limited Infinity


At the beginning of the design which is for the new site of the local fitness brand, Up Fitness, multiple communications in terms of geographical location, spatial structure, and scene application have been made. Both Up Fitness and WDS design team are focusing on the different experiences that the new site will be brought to customers.

新店位于河南省信阳市平桥区博客小街新十街入口向西200m处的一栋二层建筑,其中1F为向上健身体能训练馆,2F为Day 1普拉提练习室。建筑的二层与周边其他独栋通过一条空中走廊相互连接。

The new site of Up Fitness is located in a two-story building 200m west of the entrance of Xinshi Street, Book Street, Pingqiao District, Xinyang City, Henan Province. 1F is the Up Fitness, and 2F is Day 1 Pilates . The second floor of the building is connected to nearby detached buildings through an aerial corridor.




Considering the relatively complete appearance of the detached building, necessary advertising and guidance on the north and west sides of the new site’s exterior wall were added. For visual guidance, advertising light boxes were also installed at the main entrances of 1F and 2F.


In the design process of the new fitness, there is a certain disparity between the brand’s extensive functional requirements and the relatively limited space area. We are also repeatedly thinking about how to reasonably enlarge the limited space. Finally, the treatment we adopted was very simple, using mirrors to increase reflections. Multiple “reflection” devices over the visual field in this site can create a certain “infinite amplification” effect on the space through mirror reflections, without affecting customers’ attention when they work out.


In the wall section of 1F, a mirror with a high waistline with bidirectional light strips vertically divided the overall wall proportion. The upper and lower bidirectional lighting also makes up for the shortcomings of the lighting. In the skirting part, the heightened mirror baseboard is embedded into the wall, blurring the baseboard function originally used for dividing the boundary between the wall and the ground and extending the visual scale of the ground.


In the ceiling section, three large mirror devices have been installed. The circular mirror stainless steel is fixed to the ceiling at different angles to reflect below the mirror surface, increasing the interactivity of the entire space.


The key to the whole interior design is the spiral stair, which serves as the link between the fitness area and the Pilates space. In addition to its functionality, it also needs to play the role of main visual focus.


Thanks to the visual impact of the spiral stair structure itself, it is conducive to establishing a first impression of customers with a diverse and integrated entire space. More importantly, compared to conventional stairs, spiral stairs will effectively improve space utilization.


With comprehensive consideration, designers have decided to jointly discuss and manufacture the spiral stair on-site, despite the lack of experience of local constructors.


In the relatively enclosed and narrow fitting room, two mirror surfaces were set in opposite directions within the compartment, combined with embedded light strips, which not only weaken the sense of space oppression but also achieve the design effect of infinite reflection of the “Abyss Mirror”.


In this case, the application of brand colors is only limited to some advertising devices and a few turning points, aiming to continue the sense of belonging and identification of existing customers. Use brand colors with restraint and minimize the impact of colors on emotions as much as possible.


wood wool boards with better acoustic effects for the wall and some top materials have been chosen.


As a commonly used acoustic material, the wood-wool slab is widely used in various cinemas and recording studios.


The loose and porous wood fiber structure of the board itself can enhance the spatial texture, it also helps to facilitate the rapid progress of on-site construction.


Given the characteristics of Pilates training, the secondary reflection lighting design is as before. The light in the space is enough without seeing the light facilities, which avoids the stimulating effect of the luminous light on the vision so that customers can better focus on Pilates training.


In the ceiling section of 2F, a segmented grid design technique was adopted, adding more detailed elements to the monotonous flat ceiling to establish the grid scale of the ceiling.

一方面可以将中央空调天井机隐藏其中,另一方面针对普拉提训练中,客户躺在普拉提床上,面朝天花体位较多的运动特性, 也能够提升客户的空间体验感。

On the one hand, it can hide the central air conditioning patio machine. On the other hand, it can improve the customer’s sense of space experience when they lie on the Pilates beds and face the ceiling during training.


The design of the new Up Fitness in Book Street focuses on multiple reflections as the main spatial design theme. With the coordination of linear lighting, the limited space is infinitely extended in multiple dimensions through mirroring. At the same time, combined with the full -face application of wood-wool slab, a combination of exquisite and rough texture is formed. WDS designers expect that every user can exercise more comfortably and efficiently in a new environment, live better, and achieve the brand’s slogan of “sports empowering life”.


项目名称:向上健身&Day 1普拉提信阳博客小街店




设计周期: 2023.1-2023.2





客户:向上健身、Day 1普拉提



Project Name: Up Fitness&Day 1 Pilates, Book Street, Xinyang

Design: WDS

Email: 1021633577cae@gmail.com

Cheif Designer: Lv Kewei

Design Team: Lv Kewei, Wang Qian

Design Cycle: 2023.1-2023.2

Completion Date: March 2023

Project Address: 200m west of the entrance of Xinshi Street, Book Street, Pingqiao District, Xinyang City

Area: 280 square meters

Main materials: wood-wool slab, mirror stainless steel, brushed stainless steel, and flooring glue

Client: Up Fitness, Day 1 Pilates