源数据粒子空间站XY+Z DESIGN晰纹设计、新华网和苏州日报联合打造的融媒体实验探索与创新平台,集遥感、体验、直播、孵化、交互、展示为一体,是一个兼具情感、灵魂与未来的创意空间

Source Data Particle Space Station is a platform for media experiment, exploration and innovation jointly built by XYPLUSZ Xeeven Design, Xinhua net and Suzhou Daily. It integrates remote sensing, experience, live broadcasting, incubation, interaction and display, and is a creative space with emotion, soul and future.


“An unknown future is unfolding before my eyes. For the first time in my life, I felt hopeful about the future. Because if a machine, a terminator, can understand the value of life, maybe we can too.”——《Terminator》



Source data particle space station is based on the creative team’s curiosity of the world diversity and biodiversity, and their accumulation of the fantasy and the fear of the unknown future, which core concept is the solar system planet orbit with affinity relationship between time and space,it can create infinity in the finite, and can integrate, flow, transform, cycle and live forever.


The central area of the laboratory is a circular area with great design sense and visual tension, which is the soul and core of the entire space station. Above the core area is the top surface ring device that simulates the orbit of the planet with arc-shaped floating bridges on both sides. On both sides of the floating bridges are fusion media incubation groups, and on the outside are functional areas such as office, recording room, movie playing hall, analysis room and equipment room.


The most central position of the core area is a cantilevered space nearly 8 meters high. The floating bridge leads to the second floor with only an observation platform based on the original structure preserved. On the outside of the pontoon is a semi-enclosed space formed by the tension membrane, which contains the incubation group and forms visual linkage with the entire space station. Behind the incubation group is an open-air roof garden, which is a sun conservatory outside. The core area extends to the outermost area, which is a fixed area restricted by the spatial structure. In order to realize the changeable possibility of the space in the future, each space retains the feasibility and change scheme with multiple functions.

装饰-功能-内容 Decoration-function-content

融合-展现-惊喜 Fusion-display-surprise


The circular core area and the floating bridge extending upward make the space station realize the function combination space of one layer compound, two layers semi-compound and outer layer immobilized. The distinction between the tension membrane decorative walls on both sides of the inner and outer layers realizes the relationship of function partition and static and dynamic separation.


The center of the station is a gaint nearly semicircular projection screen, and the periphery is an electric ring screen. The inner and outer screens are linked with ground images to form an immersive experience; as the most attractive device in the entire space, the inner and outer layers are displayed simultaneously, and different contents will be displayed. Presenting completely different spatial functions, such as “scene restoration”, “movie evaluation”, “press release”, etc.


The core area of the space station is the entire exhibition hall, which is also the laboratory of the Source Data Particle Space Station program. In the future,various exhibitions, roadshows, press conferences and other activities can be accommodated here. The functional possibilities of the space are completely unlimited.


Different display contents will present completely different space scenes. The positions of what look like wings or aerofoil can be seen on both sides, serving as incubators for the urban display. The corridor wall is hidden through the extended design and the spatial interface is blurred. The overall design creates a feeling of science-fiction future. The assembly design is adopted. After standardized processing of materials and devices, it can be directly assembled on site. The overall layout is also combined with the concept of the space capsule, with pure colors, smooth lines and unique style of futuristic furniture.

通向未来的浮桥 The Floating bridge to the future


The floating bridge is an arc two-way channel, from one layer up, rotating around , standing high as if suspended in space. Leaning on the railing, looking down,the flowing curve is as free as the water wave, a feeling of leaning on the bridge, the small bridge flowing water. Surrounded by floating Bridges on both sides, the inner layer of the space station is a huge display screen, which, together with the projection device on the top of the circular orbit, brings the city’s past, present and future into focus.


The bridge deck presents a state of spiraling upward, with the lines stretched outfrom the decorative walls all around, stretching endlessly and disappearing. As a passage from the first floor to the second floor, the floating bridge forms an inter-connected viewing channel under limited conditions. The outer layer ofthe channel is also covered with curtain, which integrates traditional and technological display methods such as images, photos, books, interaction and soon. The intelligent linkage of the inner and outer layers of the pontoon, together with the rendering of lights, the coordination of equipment and thechange of the position of the display screen, provides an absolutely shocking and immersive visual experience.

源数据 Source Data


物理 数理 生理 心理 哲理街 巷 道 人 居多源 异构 辨伪 核证 复原 分析城乡的过去、现在与未来

Science,philosophy and art in the ecological system of Internet of Things

Physics mathematics physiology psychology philosophy

Street lane road people habitation

Multi-source heterogeneity discrimination authentication recovery analysis

Past, present and future of urban and rural areas




Source data is the “source of data”, the origin and core of all truth.The Internet of Things endues it with multi-type,multi-attribute and cross-domain complexity,but it also creates people’s ability to identify with technology,tools,methods and wisdom.

宇宙幻想 Cosmic fantasy

天地四方曰宇 往古来今曰宙

The four sides of heaven and earth are called “yu”,from ancient times to the present which is called “zhou”.



“Yu”,the four sides of heaven and earth,space,boundless

“Zhou”,from ancient times to the present,time,timeless


The universe is vast, hiding insoluble order and circular harmony. The space in operation reflects the infinite power and vitality of the universe. Such as the orbit of the planets in the solar system,cycle after cycle,curve around.

曲线 Curve

永恒的流动 Eternal flow


Space has its own life, and design endows soul.


The soul of the space station lies in the curve of eternal flow, which is not only the specificexpression of the orbit of the planets, but also the unique gene given by the designer to the space.


The curve is inspired by the beauty of nature. It shows a feeling of flowing from one space to another. It is a subtle guide that draws people’s eyes todifferent spaces. The flowing curves extend, expand, and close around, going round and round, showing different life feelings with audio and video, and immersing the infinite imagination of the future.


Since ancient Greece, the body-soul concept has laid the foundation of the western rationalist tradition. However, the ideological approach of body-mind dualismis challenged by Nietzsche. His body aesthetics, which regards the body as the aesthetic subject, and Nietzsche’s rescue of the body from the shadow of thesoul and endow it with the meaning of existence, have become the basis of the embodied concept.


Now, the body as the physical body, with the body embedded in technology, and the consciousnessbeyond the body, is trying to somehow couple and even generate a new germ line.

全新的空间站 A brand new space station

未来的网红打卡地 The future place of Internet-famous location


Multiple functional forms inject soul into the space station, becoming a space with multiple identities that can be carried at the same time like people, rather than a pure and single specific function. It is a compound future space.

空间站 The space station


The Source Data Particle Space Station is a laboratory that pays homage to thefuture of cities and the space capsule. The birth of the universe is a miracle,but the birth of life is even more a miracle. In the pure material world, mankind has created intelligence and reflected on the universe, which is the charm of miracles. People often revere and yearn for such miracles, and the Source Data Particle Space Station is ready to welcome them.

星球计划 Project of Planets


The future of the source data particle space station may be the Internet-famouslocation of the city. How to make the station’s popular cycle sustainable? The contents displayed by the space station should be dynamic and constantly infused with new ideas. Each exhibition should be a carefully planned art exhibition, which is unique and interesting. Novel exhibition contents can guide the audience to stay in the space and give them an immersive space experience. Different exhibition contents can tell different space stories.


It’s amedium of dialogue with space and time and the universe.


Rebirthand eternity are the future development direction of the space station. The core area is like a butterfly emerging from the cocoon: rebirth is presented inthe form of free and infinite lines, echoing eternity with the tension ofspace. The future of the space station is technologically intelligent, greenand sustainable. With multiple functions and low carbon materials, the space station, as a sustainable and recyclable physical space, will stay in the elegant city of Suzhou, looking for endless development.


The universe is not only the voyage of the source data particle space station, but also the territory of human exploration and reflection. It will follow the unknown and identify the tracks of life and civilization.










设计单位:XY+Z DESIGN晰纹设计