The fifth dimension proposed in Star Trek. Our world belongs to four-dimensional space, and a five-dimensional space is established through countless time axes and a time plane.

Randall called “this invisible space” the “fifth dimension space”.



Human beings live in an infinite five-dimensional space, but we can only perceive four dimensions — space and time. The five-dimensional space view is the expansion of the symmetrical space view, which is the essence of the five-dimensional space view. Driven by exploring the unknown, it has injected spe-cial inspiration and inspiration into offline exhibitions.



Act One | 新序章的“开端”

The “beginning” of the new preface

追溯灵魂的庇护所 穿梭于过去未来



Fangs shaped like animals broke through the earth, which came from the collision between primitive wild-ness and unknown energy. Subvert the traditional cognition and examine the current civilization with a retrospective perspective of the future. KVK also hopes to complete the transformation and expression of their multiple identities for urban free people who are constantly migrating like them through the life cycle of detachable and reconstituted accessories.



Act Two | 空间的“视觉语言”

“Visual Language” of Space

赋予进入者沉浸的氛围 成为灵感诞生的载体



KVK hopes to reconstruct its futuristic art philosophy into a visual language, and to explore more possibilities beyond material objects through the reorganization of free wearing.


Self-perception is fluid and changes according to each person’s situation. I hope this self-cognition can be transformed freely to some extent.


Seemingly free, in fact, orderly, block organization moving line, line of sight series site.The wear-er can freely match and combine the free components of KVK, and generate chemical reactions related to each person, so as to meet the transformation and expression of the wearer’s self-cognition.



Every collection of the brand has a connection. At the end of each series, there will always be some new cognition or idea update, like an extended iteration of the existing product, which is also related to jump from this to that. The aesthetic style of the brand itself is also established in this kind of continuous construction and interpretation.



Act Three | 以万物演化成“形态”

All things evolve into “form”




In combination with the evolution forms of yin and Yang, rotation, flow and other things, a series of flexible and changeable irregu-lar accessories are launched. With neutral, neutral, self-contained attitude but no sense of alienation, different roles, different interactions and different possibilities are accepted in black and white.


Act Four | 不被定义的“疆域”

Undefined “territory”

艺术是上帝的语言 结构是光的创造者



At present, driven by aesthetic cognition, people also hope to implement their aesthetic desire through some springboards. Everything is a canvas painting, delicate and original style collision, black, white, metal plate splice around, to hunt for their own elements.


In order to “philosophy of art” refactoring “visual language” in 3 d space, usually, KVK team before creation, can choose by hand making model, to explore the expression of various possibilities, and creative inspiration will come from all aspects of life, such as music, construction, materials, nature, humanities, science, and even physical fields can be inspired.



Continue to adhere to the artistic philosophy of “free reorganization”, strive to integrate the most primitive biological nature with the concept of the future, generate the lightning of design inspiration, and give the wear-er unlimited space for the expression of “free will”.



It is always hoped that different people can obtain appropriate self-expression in dif-ferent scenes, and KVK can be disassembled and reassembled jewelry, is to add a unique sense of ritual to this expression.Re-examine the unexpected order picture in the chaotic reality, and inject the view of “flow is normal” into the close-up world of “Chaotic Order”.


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