DEMODE is a fashion boutique with curated clothings from designers of various eras. Fashion pieces from each season will always eventually be removed from the “new arrival” section, but the owner of DEMODE believes that they will never become outdated. We incorporated this attitude in the interior design of DEMODE – combining classic with modern stylistic elements and allowing each aged pieces to shine in a space with similarly rich senses of age and time.


The interior space employs the use of a single traffic flow to showcase the rack in the form of lateral archival shelves and the free-moving suspension display. We designed the layout to flexibly accommodate the different needs of the owner throughout different times instead of pursuing a more traditional layout that is solely divided by functions.


To highlight DEMODE’s mission as a collector of fashion from different time periods, the external facade is built with stainless steel and aluminum. The arched door adds on to the sense of age while the extended glass hemisphere design and the cabinet windows also enhance a retro Western theme of display.


Upon entering the space, five sets of lateral racks are positioned at the right side. Clothing pieces hanging on the rack can be obtained by pushing and pulling the rack.


The lateral racks are accompanied with a track system and upper lighting, which aims to recreate the design of an archive room. Meanwhile, the metal structure extends from the door into the interior.


Behind the lateral racks are the fitting rooms and regular hanging display space. The truss on the ceiling connects the entire space and can be adjusted horizontally.


On the other side of the fitting room, we have assembled a group of appliances designated for both leisure and exhibit purposes. Any appliance can be taken out to maximize space. The large mirror proportionally widens the space and establishes a symmetrical visual experience.



设计方:一门社amass studio



项目设计 & 完成年份:2020