The beauty of the mood



Space is an important carrier of brand value, from material selection to texture form, to create a high degree of consistency of brand value.

Lu Ban Spirit·It’s a work of art· Focused to the Max

Where the heart wants what the heart wants
All the way to the top
Life is like a journey into the dark
One Reed to sail
——《Dust Curl》Seven years of Pansy


Beside the changing river, it stands stony as his grief. The creation of time, the unique texture of natural stone, the charm of color and the sense of vision all seem to be narrating the glory and magnificence of the past, just like the silent artwork, and the wonderful chemical reflection of the space.

Brand profile


Takada Fashion Group & Lubanera design is partnering with Misuity for a brand new visual style experience. Lubanera design finds a connection with the texture of nature, uses nature to convey the beauty of the artistic conception of the brand and the space, uses the space to convey the value of the brand, and interprets the style and cultural spirit of the brand.


MISUITY is positioned as the first luxury women’s wear in China. With the product concept of “Social and ceremonial wear”for new occasions, and with the brand concept of quality, taste, acme and true self, it embodies the essence of Oriental Millennium Culture and Western popular culture, create high-quality fashion, so that luxury hidden in the details of each product. Mishuti with luxury positioning, top quality, unique brand design style and innovative spirit, by China’s top political and business success of women’s favor.

▲轴侧动图 Axial lateral kinetogram

▲轴侧图 Axial side view

A journey into the “Meaning”image

由境生像,随像入境, 探寻自然与心境的边界,觉察艺术与商业空间的创造性结合,整个空间以自然、意境、心境进行剖析和研究,以自然之物的“意”构建艺术之“境”运用创造性设计手法的变换与空间作用产生多维视觉观, 从而追寻本真之内在。

From the environment of the image, with the image into the border,to explore the nature and mood of the border,aware of the creative combination of art and commercial space,the whole space with the nature,mood,mood analysis and research,to construct the artistic “Realm”with the “Meaning”of natural things,to use the transformation of creative design techniques and space to create a multi-dimensional vision,so as to pursue the true inner.

The quality and the artistic performance incisively and vividly


“Luxury is comfortable to the extreme,comfortable to the extreme is the quality”so that elegant and noble everywhere,so that no reason for happiness,art comes,never end,the real art is well-deserved luxury.

It’s very natural


True to nature,but still full of artistic beauty.Natural stone brings the visual impact,lets us return to the nature.Stone gives space the beauty of rough,not only with wild,but also gentle,has become the interaction between people and Clothing Bridge and media.The balance of space material distribution to achieve a harmonious aesthetic sense,to help customers better experience the emotions that the fashion brand wants to convey.

The luxury scale, presents the wonderful scene


The essence of commercial space, people-oriented, to marketing for landing, space itself is a medium! Regarding the upgrading and optimization of the brand image and in-store experience, providing more services for VIP customers and providing more choices for consumers, while in the space areas that need to be expressed with emphasis, the overall atmosphere will be broken out and the sense of conflict in the space will be enhanced, without taking away the glamour of the costume.

Get back to the way things are

光源的把控,赋予了整个空间的设计精髓。空间流线的梳理直接关系到消费者的购物体验。 回到设计的起点,消费者放缓脚步 ,让空间回归到购物这件事的本质。

The control of the light source endows the whole space with the essence of design. The carding of spatial streamline is directly related to the shopping experience of consumers. Back at the beginning of design, consumers slow down and let the space return to the essence of shopping.

We hope to guide consumers in the natural comfort of the space, back to the self-soul of the “True”and “Original.

▲平面图 Floor Plan

▲剖立面图  Section plan


项目名称:MISUITY (米休缇)太原概念店












电话:+86 15013798101


Project information——

Project name:Mishuti Taiyuan concept store

Project address:Taiyuan·Shanxi·China

Type of project:business space

Project area:123 ㎡

Completion time:2021.9

Design Firm:LubanEra·Design

Company web site:www.lubanera.com

Creative director:Bobo

Original design :Wendy

Design team :Mai qincai,Yeung Ming

Space photography :Nie Xiaocong

Design main material:Natural Beijin Beige raw stone, Malay paint, resin, North American black walnut, natural linen wall cloth

Tel :+86 15013798101

Email :lubanera@163.com