Midea smart small appliances super experience store,the site is located in the popular business area of JieFangBei in Chongqing.


The space draws on the scientific and technological future of the capsule,large area of use of the Galaxy blue, meteorite ash and other space elements.The recombination of design language creates an intelligent and scene-based space.It gathers all the good hopes of young people for intelligent life.Welcome to the Midea “space capsule”, the curtain of the intelligent life journey.

01 序章 跃入神秘世界

Prologue Leap into the mysterious world


The vast universe is full of stars.Carrying our reverie for the future,it also leads us to explore the unknown.


In 2021 A.D.,the ship traversed layers of nebulae.You are looking for a new life of intelligent,I woke up in a groggy state and rubbed my eyes.A moment’s concentration, in front of an unfurled space capsule.


Small appliances captain travels through the time tunnel to get here,open your hands to welcome our friends from the earth.Warm IP small appliances captain, inject vitality and warmth into the space.Every space station, there will be his silent guardian figure.


Create an exclusive IP for the space,not just the aesthetic output of visual pleasure.Strong viscosity of Chaomeng interactive IP,trigger the emotional resonance of consumers, also makes the space more identifiable and spiritual.


Now follow in the footsteps of the captain of the small appliances captain,start an Interstellar tour of Midea smart life.

02 星际探索 携热爱而来

Galaxy Exploration Come with love


The sky is ablaze with stars,it was as if all good things met here.Live your life the way you like,every day seems bright.Today I am happy to come to the “space capsule” of the Midea,be curious to explore and discover more possibilities in life one by one.

隐秘的幸福 闯入风味星球

Hidden Happiness. Into the Planet of Flavors.


“Smart Cooking Galaxy”, is a galaxy with a sense of art and technology.Take a closer look at each of the three planets,“Planet of Intelligent Cooking Robots”“Smart Healthy Cooking Planet” and “Smart Fine Cooking Planet”.


Take a stroll through a display of products designed to look like planetary orbits,words like intelligent, convenient, comfortable and happiness come to mind one by one.


The wall cabinet adopts the design form of movable baffle,let users participate in the interaction when buying products,ingenious design reinterprets the presentation of brand products.


Smart life can be more Midea,there will always be a moment of special longing for home.

别样欢喜 进入舒净空间

A different kind of joy. Enter the world of comfort and clarity


Healing of the environment,it’s the beginning of healing in your world.Intelligent, clean and comfortable home atmosphere,it’s our best emotional healing field.


The new wisdom of the Midea after upgrading the wisdom of small appliances terminals,“Let experience enable retail” is implemented through scene building.Here, you can experience the wisdom of life brings more joy.



In the intelligent galaxy of the space capsule,the visual images derived from the IP image.Blend with space to build a rich visual effect.Soft wood background in the wall cabinet,large area of light color as if a white canvas.Products and visual images are integrated into the canvas as before and after scenes,forge a sense of hierarchy in the space picture,giving consumers a more comfortable and pleasant spatial experience.


Carefulness in every detail,from the higher pursuit of scene atmosphere experience. Liftable power outlet design,meet the dual needs of practical function and artistic aesthetics.


“Smart Air Planet” “Smart Sterilizing Personal Care Planet”and “Smart Clean Planet”, breaking through the traditional pure product display.From the home life scene, to meet the needs of consumers’ lifestyles.Whole house wisdom clean, free your hands and leave more time for love.New choices, new life, instantly create your own happy planet.After visiting the “Smart Cooking Galaxy” and “Smart Home Galaxy,have you been “hardcore”? Are you excited to get started?


Midea life ,beautiful for you.The kitchen is a laboratory for a better way of life.Smart rice cooker, stir fryer, air fryer,disruptive technology, deeply intelligent and controllable.Cloud ecological community, one-touch to provide a feast of taste buds.


Smart everything, everything can be smart.Intelligent heater, air purifier, dehumidifier,whole house intelligent dust removal, enjoy clean space.More intelligent understanding of the user, so that intelligent life into reality.

浮生余闲 遁入慢生活里

Leisurely life. Escape into the slow life


The display wall of “Beverage Space Station,colorful freshly squeezed ingredients are displayed in an orderly manner.Break the monotony and make the space more impactful.


Healthy freshly squeezed drinks for everyone’s enjoyment,no longer limited to tasting a drink.


The operation area, leisure, equipment and exhibition area are clearly defined. The operating table in the space station is equipped with a variety of beverage making machines.Meet the individual pursuit of each consumer group for drinks. A series of processes from raw materials, value and production,immersive participation awakens a full-sensory experience.

压轴惊喜 潜入欢乐秘境

Grand finale surprise. Dive into the secret world of joy


Landing on this space station,the circular passage of the arc leaps into view.Like a “wormhole” that transcends time and space,let people disappear into a dream world to get away from the daily chaos.


The visual image of strong colors,the collision with the gray tones of space meteorite. Adding an active factor to the space,mobilize consumers’ emotions to participate in the experience.


Entering the third consumption era,a good-looking product with substance attracts more attention.Delightful new trendy co-branded pop-ups,Pokémon, Westward Journey, KOKO, Trickster ……From visual to sensory, all immersed in the sense of affinity and childishness.Creative concept of experimental space and behavioral experience,qnce again sublimating the brand image in consumers’ mind.

03 终章 后会有期

Final Chapter. See you soon, dear friends.


In this trip to the stars,D&M builds imaginative scenic space.Create a new and free consumer experience,let experience empower retail and unleash the new power of brands.


D&M adhering to the design concept of “making retail innovation more fun and effective” ,focus on brand upgrading and space creative experience design in the new retail field.We are committed to creating top-notch retail space creative experience and brand marketing visual design for forward-looking clients in different industries,create top-notch visual design for retail space creative experience and brand marketing promotion.














Project Information——

Project name:Midea- Smart small appliances super experience store

Commissioning Party:D&M creative design Co., Ltd.

Lead Designer:Jacky, Li Donghui

Design Team:Hong Yuqin, Chen Binghong, Tang Yin, Cai Ruixin, Yuan Rongping, Pang Yuming, Zhou Zhiyong

Illustration:Mo Ye Team, Dong Lan

The Customer Team:Reego、Wang Qiangyu、Xu Liwei、Lin Zixuan

Completion time:April 12,2021

Project Address:Chongqing,China

Building area:160㎡

Visual:Li Fan,Chili

Photographer:He Wena