舒适轻松、自然优雅,是男装品牌FULL MONTY想要传达的“新西装”理念。改变传统正装刻版、严肃的固有印象, FULL MONTY希望西装能成为表达穿着者个性的日常服饰。Studio Glume近日为这个兼具当代风范、人文气息和匠人精神的男装品牌设计了第一家线下门店。

Comfortably relaxed and naturally elegant are the attributes menswear brand FULL MONTY wants to convey in their fresh take of the suit. FULL MONTY hopes that the suit can become an everyday attire which expresses the personality of its wearer, changing the traditional connotation of formality and seriousness. Studio Glume recently designed the first brick and mortar store for the menswear brand combining a distinctive contemporary style with humanity and craftsmanship.

男士正装表达了一种分寸感,以及对细节、质地的追求。Studio Glume将这种理念融入到空间表达中。疏密有度的空间布局,细腻丰富的材质呈现,理性的整体秩序和感性的微妙细节,交织成展现深度和趣味的空间。

Men’s formalwear expresses a sense of proportion and the pursuit of details and texture. Studio Glume integrates this concept into the space. Density in its layout, a selection of rich and exquisite materials and the overall rational order of the space adorned with subtle details are intertwined to provide the space with depth and an interesting and vital atmosphere.


The door of the store is made of warm sandstone, traditional materials are presented in a simple and neat shape, reflecting the blend of both the spirits of classical and contemporary inspirations.


The old lacquered metal folding in the window echoes the details of the velvet sofa, the old aluminum workbench and other elements present inside inserting a certain level of emotionality and warmth within the delicate atmosphere, while breaking the tendency to pursuit perfection and its inherent sentiment of alienation.


The green colors from the different materials of the sofa, fitting room curtains, folding window bring an unexpected twist and a certain level of richness to the space.


The store is a semi-open layout with two walls and four big columns, one of which is open to other areas of the mall. The designer combined the preexisting characteristics of the site with functional requirements of the brand to design a tightly rhythmic display area, using the corner column to design an arc-shaped fitting area placing the fitting mirror front of one of the columns. Such treatment not only ensures the orderly feel of the store but also maximizes the space utilization.


The sofa and coffee tables, display tables and the cashier counter are laid out rhythmically in the space, creating a smooth flow and forming a relaxed spatial relationship with the clothing display area.


Dark wood is used for the store display and furniture, creating a calm and settled space color tone.


The product display is defined by natural stone, and the edges of the stone are deliberately left rough.


The display table also retains the special natural imprint of the wood. The coffee table in the rest area is hand-made from brass, and the square stools are simply cut and polished from solid wood. Simple materials convey the power of nature and stimulate imagination.


Classic armchairs, well-crafted furniture and neatly displayed clothing show the beauty of humanity and reflect the power of nature.

FULL MONTY的空间设计表达了在理性、严谨的外表之下,细腻丰富的情感。恰如品牌通过服装设计所传达的个性形象,在尊重经典和表达时代之间找到平衡,也是Studio Glume与品牌在不同领域所探索的共同话题。

The space design for FULL MONTY’s store expresses delicate and rich emotions transpiring through a rational and rigorous appearance. Studio Glume finds a balance between respecting classical connotations while expressing modern times in this space design just like FULL MONTY blends the past and the present in its brand aesthetics through clothing design.








陈列道具、部分家具:Studio Glume


Project information——

Location:Shanghai Pudong


Completion time:September 2020

Lead designer:Wang Ying

Design team:He Zhifeng, Lin Chenghui, Chen Yuchuan, Yang Jie

Display props and part of the furniture:Studio Glume

Photography:He Zhifeng