The project location is located in the financial center of the Foshan Chancheng , and surrounding  a group of office buildings, how to build high-identified non-material standard facade as the beginning of the story .How to turn it easily and free, bright Comfortable urban “secret garden”, reaching the eyes? It is one of the priorities of the designer to think.

▲项目区位,Project location


Nest is a brand which insists on love and sharing,  wants to build a new life concept that integrates coffee and pastry. Enjoy a leisurely taste of pastry and share a cup of coffee.The brand  “Nest” means building a nest as a home, creating a comfortable and immersive experience space somewhere in a complicated city. Integrating the brand concept, we use “green plants” and “courtyards” as the core in the creation of Vanke stores to create a sense of relaxation as a leisure garden and help the nest brand upgrade with new vitality.


▲外立面概览,overview of facade


In the cold and serious office buildings, the same glass and structure cover our vision. We hope that nest, as an independent existence in the Vanke office building group, is a special existence in the building group. Therefore, we extracted a variety of material combinations, and processed the non-property standard facade effects with highly recognizable deconstruction as the beginning of the story. We hope that the storefront is a presence with temperature, and the mixed scouring stone with small black and white particles as the base material is used as the base building material. The clear lines, obvious and characteristic graininess, increase the texture and texture of the facade space. The two are complemented by matte stainless steel. The combination of traditional construction techniques and new metal building materials presents the spirit of tolerance and integration embodied in the “nest”. At the same time, it is also in line with the innovation and diversity of Naishi’s product control. Use a deconstructed combination as the first impression of entering the store.


▲吧台细部Space details


The plane layout of the space is based on relaxation and comfort, and the island mode surrounded by all sides is a manifestation of the affinity. We hope that the service range of the clerk is multifaceted. Present the appearance of “home” and experience the warmth of “home”. At the same time, it also allows customers to communicate with the barista at close range in many ways, and shorten the distance between the store and the consumer. Create more places where people meet and get acquainted with each other. In the office environment lined with tall buildings, here is a warm and leisurely haven, a relaxing scene, a space that allows you to be freed from the tight working state, and can be broken in a relatively closed state.

▲吧台细部  Space details

▲空间细部  Space details


We raised the two main “dialogue places” and used the “courtyard” to intervene in more new exchanges. The large area of glass in the store itself introduced light. In the treatment of building materials in the courtyard by the window, in order to achieve a softer tone of the overall atmosphere, we selected the original sheet with more obvious natural mountain patterns and then painted it. We hope that the effect will be softer and more natural to the touch, and the beige texture paint of the whole store Together, it has a more natural color. The irregular pebbles on the wall are placed on independent shelves of retro film records, which are matched with local green plants to add the warmth of “home”. The irregular cobblestone-shaped custom long table echoes the wall shelf. Create a relaxing shared space. Independent and partially active, looking through the glass at the office workers in a hurry, it is a quiet shelter amidst the complexity.


On the basis of preserving daylight, the deliberately lowered wooden eaves and light boxes become a medium connecting the interior and the exterior, allowing the natural vitality and vitality to be gently projected into the interior, and the interior radiates the exterior, giving people a more relaxed and warm space experience. Although the scene takes place indoors, the atmosphere reveals this naturalness.

▲空间细部  Space details


We have inserted the existence of “disharmony” into the overall harmonious atmosphere. The dripping horizontal device on the top of the bar. We hope that “it” will be prominent in the location of the whole store. From the entrance to the eye view, as a replacement courtyard eaves, this eaves is smoother and more flexible, and the dripping shape is also a reflection of the shape in the coffee brewing process of dessert making. A soft feeling of falling. It is a “dynamic” expression hanging above the operating area. Let there be a different variation in the quiet normal state. It reveals the tolerance of “home”.


In the repetitive, high-pressure commuting state, how to create a coffee space more suitable for office buildings has caused us to think and try more. We hope that while meeting the needs of the brand, we can create a more warm space experience and enjoy a quiet and relaxing time off work. Whether it’s communication with space clerk or further exchanges between colleagues and friends, or getting to know more new friends, we all hope that this is not only a pure commercial space, but also a place for running around in this city. People, provide a new “home”, a new shelter.

▲空间细部  Space details

▲外立面细部, overview of facade

▲平面图 Plan

▲爆炸图 Explosion


The drip form of the eaves is both a coffee form that the dripping milk bubbles of making coffee, and is also the boundary of the courtyard.


项目名称:  Nest奈拾甜点咖啡

项目地址:  佛山禅城

项目甲方:  Nest奈拾甜点咖啡

设计单位:  Unknown Design Studio未知设计事务所

设计时间:  2021.3-2021.4

完工时间:  2021.8

项目面积:   130平米

项目摄影:   Muji photographic studio948938470@qq.com

主要材料:   不锈钢、水磨石、石米

Project information——

Project Name:     Nest Patisserie cafe lounge fusion

Project Location:   Chancheng ,Foshan

Design company :   Unknown Design Studio

Design area:      130 sqm

Completion time:   March  2021 – April 2021

Designed time:    August.2021

Photographer:     MUJI photographic studio948938470@qq.com

Main material:     Stainless steel、terrazzo、wash stone