【可以无限公司】试图让咖啡更好地融入进日常,以铝制罐装咖啡的形式,让咖啡变得“随时随地,唾手可得”。当咖啡成为一种生活方式,“CAN COFFEE”更是成为上海街头巷尾的日常。

In order to make coffee available at anytime and anywhere, Indefinite Company is trying to integrate coffee into daily life in the form of aluminum cans. When COFFEE has become a way of life, “CAN COFFEE” has become a daily occurrence in the streets and lanes of Shanghai.



Commissioned by Indefinite Company, MAS is ready to do space design at No.247 Yanping Road, Shanghai. As we defined the space as “expressing in a convenient, inclusive, familiar and futuristic way”, the concept of the future convenience store in the community began to be born at the right moment.



In the old blocks of Yanping Road, there are some old Shanghai-lander who have lived for decades, as well as many young people. In such a fashionable and inclusive area, people come to realize the resonance of their lives.


Aiming to build a pet-friendly public space as well as a social space for neighborhood, we opened the shop entrance to blend with the street. By virtue of blurring the boundary between inside and outside, we build a connection between coffee and the community.



Under the current focus on the reuse and sustainability, we have a dialogue between new language and old language, which means that we embrace cold metal as well as accept time’s pass. The combination between the old and the new represents a friendly meeting of the present and the future.



As for the design of the interior space, macro volume stack analysis is used to distinguish three functional areas.


快节奏是城市的代名词,而CAN COFFEE挖掘出年轻人的“即刻感”。罐装咖啡让来往顾客,像在便利店快速选购一罐可乐一般省略过多思考。入口右侧,我们将咖啡制作吧台对外展开,方便外带顾客与外卖骑手快速取餐,与店内客户做区分,互不干扰。

Nowadays, fast pace is synonymous with cities, and CAN COFFEE can tap into the immediacy of young people. Further, CAN COFFEE provides customers convenience to pick up a coffee without too much thinking, just like choosing a can of Coke at a convenience store. On the right side of the entrance, we spread out the coffee-making bar to facilitate take-out customers and take-out riders to quickly pick up their meals on the one hand, and distinguish them from customers in the store without interfering with each other on the other.



The corridors between the front and back areas naturally transit the squeeze between the space blocks, forming a “lane” form between the community buildings. Material collision in this space has achieved intimate state. In such a “city lane”, customers can feel familiar with the sense of market.





Inspired by the convex mirror in the convenience store, we decorate the space with mirrors to present the psychedelic romantic atmosphere while providing customers with props to take photos.



We deconstructed the vending machine in our daily life and turned it into an installation design in the space, which directly exposes the internal box structure and expresses the most original functional unit of the selling cargo plane. Inside the box, a new material is tried. The folding aluminum alloy sheet is illuminated with light and shadow, which bring out the best in each other.



Taking inspiration from the ticket machine at the convenience store, the designer makes the taking-order machine the focus of the overall space design, and disassembles and reassembles the old bill printer to expose the internal working structure of the machine to return to the original state of the machine. Therefore, the trap of consumerism occurs. People shuttling in the city return to their most natural living state.



In order to provide customers an environment to explore more at their coffee journey, the designer customizes the steel tables and chairs according to the unified atmosphere.








项目名称:上海CAN COMPANY Coffee












Project information——

Project Name: CAN COFFEE Coffee.SHANGHAI

Project Address: shanghai, China

Interior Installation Design: MAS

Chief Designer: Jason Fan

Designer:  Pink Wang、VIVI Zhao

Project Schedule: 2021.11

Project Area: 36㎡

Key materials: Stainless Steel,Stone materials,Washed stone

Construction Team: Black Nest Space Design,Aomei Metal

Lighting: Rongxi Lighting

Photography: Jing Guo