What exactly is Time? Is it abstract or real?


By the Qiandeng Lake with flickering lights, Time separates itself from the circle of various bars, calmly staying in the other side of the bustle and watching them on the other bank.


For ARCHIHOPE, Time, which has occupied such a detached stage, is like a drama that has not yet begun but is highly anticipated. For the curator of the stage, only if it has the most perfect opening can the most wonderful drama be performed.


Like mysterious stories often happen in silence at dead of night, secrets are always hidden in the doors that stand ajar. Inspired by this, the designers design a a black arch as the facade with a frosted surface that gives a mysterious and deep texture and highlights the name Time. Behind the door in the dark, a good show is on.


The bar consists of a glazed solid wood table and a brass metal wine cabinet, and the combination of these two materials makes wine mixing area both practical and aesthetic, retro and modern. The long table in the shape of homocentric squares not only extends the indoor to the outdoor, but also produces more interaction among the moving line of crowds. The arched wine shelve looks like a dazzling work of art with wine in it, which is both practical and aesthetic and helps bartenders in control of overall situation.


The setting sun is about to collect its last light, just like a slowly fading golden curtain. The fading light caresses seats arranged in an arc which are made of hand-cut and polished splice boards, and the smooth stone table surface with retro black-and-white patterns glitters in the sunset. The open outdoor booths form a bright contrast color with three colors of red, black and green. The lush green plants planted among them act as a natural barrier to cover the internal environment layer by layer, and also to provide some privacy protection for neighboring booths.


In a fast-paced society, the encounter has become a hurry. You must slow down the stage in hope to turn “encounter” from a word into the beginning of a story through time. There is more wooden furniture in the guest area, and those made of light brown material is like skillful background actors, while those with slightly rich and dark green and red are the best performers in the space. Both of them make the atmosphere of the whole space go further into the retro style. Decorative paintings, chandeliers and candelabra fix the space in elegant British style.


No matter how dazzling a drama is, there is also quiet and warm moments in it. Known for its elegance, the British style is not limited to rich colors, because black and white is another kind of expression. In Time Whiskey Bar, the stage created by two designers from SIAD (Shenzhen Storybox Interior Architect design CO.,LTD.), only one wall is given to Hihope Zhu. Hihope Zhu joked that this quiet wooden lattice walll was his favorite wall in the whole space because the photographs on the wall recorded the stories about what he had met during his study in a foreign country at the most important turning period in his life. It may take more than three whole days and nights for Hihope Zhu, a usually taciturn man, to tell all these stories.


Therefore, a friend and photographer of his, Vincent Wu directed a good drama about meeting through time and space on site, and completed this set of space design photography collection which was worth keeping. It ended with a scene that time seemed to return to the beginning of the story, when a young man in a green robe travelled far away in the train bound for Lake Como towards exotic adventures and new encounters, and would constantly create new stories over the years. This may be the real inner implication of the concept TIME.

▲平面图 Plan

▲外立面图 Facade view





设计单位:ARCHIHOPE朱海博建筑设计事务所(UK & SZ)




Project Information——

Project Name:TIME Bar , Foshan

Project Location:Foshan , Guangdong Province

Total floor space:280 square meters

Designer:ARCHIHOPE Ltd.

Design Team:Jane Fang, Chang Xu, etc

Main materials:GRC, finished wood veneer, brass stainless steel, anti-corrosive wood board, inorganic terrazzo, handmade brick, etc

Photographer:Vincent Wu