AYO ROOM位于杭州IN77商业综合体的一角,是由一群热爱嘻哈文化、也是最懂当代人喜好的人一起建成的「家」。“小花”是他们的精神符号,可爱富有朝气。他们始终走在青年文化行列,成为影响新一代具有号召力的青年品牌。

AYO ROOM is located in the corner of Hangzhou IN77 commercial complex. It is a “home” built by a group of people who love hip-hop culture and who know the preferences of contemporary people best.”The Flower” is their spiritual symbol,it’s lovely and full of vigor. They have always been in the ranks of youth culture and become an appealing youth brand that influences the new generation.

日间的AYO ROOM安静地矗立在西湖边,我们则想利用这个原建筑的玻璃房造型,制造一个迷幻花房。

The AYO ROOM stands quietly by the West Lake during the day, and we want to use the glass room shape of the original building to create a psychedelic greenhouse.


When entering the room, the first is the lounge, equipped with freely transformable petal-shaped tables and chairs, giving more possibilities to the space. The frosted glass bricks on the facade soften the direct light in summer, and the dim light and shadow of the interior at night are more likely to attract the curiosity passing by.


The wave pattern of the corridor will show a jumping effect with the change of the light, so that the dancers who are looking forward to the rhythm will warm up in advance.


The corridor is the most mysterious place in the world. The vibrations and regular waves on the stage push the people you know farther and closer.


Scattered lamps and mirrored stainless steel refraction lead to fiery red flowers. Observed from different angles, the flowers may change slightly.


Metal surfboards and coconut trees wish to freeze the time on the dance floor permanently in the summer of west coast.

若干片拆散的花瓣组成了主背墙, 两侧的发光花蕊球在规律的上下点头,向舞池里活跃的的精灵们致敬。

Several broken petals formed the main back wall, and the luminous stamen balls on both sides nodded regularly to pay tribute to the lively elves on the dance floor.


Leaving the noisy dance floor, a quiet crimson hovering on the top of the bathroom,a moment of rest is to return to the frisky dance floor with full of energy.












设计成员:高可昕 林文珺 许逸雯 杨睿 周广建

摄影师  :胡凯凡






Project:AYO ROOM

Project Location: Hang Zhou

Floor Area: 450 square meters

Type of Design: Interior Design for Night club

Construction Group: Mr. FU

Design Firm: J.H Architecture Studio

Designer: Gao Kexin, Xu Yiwen, Yang Rui, Lin Wenjun, Zhou Guangjian

Photographer: Hu Kaifan

Stage Design: Keefer

Time of Completion: October. 2021

Company Website: jh-architecture.net

Email: yang.design@foxmail.com

Materials Used: cements, stainless steels, frosted glass, marbles, mirrors, LED lights, Soil.