ON THE CLOUD lounge, located on the 48th floor of HEFEI new land center, is the highest lounge in HEFEI city so far. The name of “on the cloud” comes from its unique geographical location.


Contemporary China has special problems different from other countries in the world. We have our own unique culture and sound aesthetic system, and the real estate development projects surrounding us in contemporary cities are all westernized. The road of Chinese architecture must be based on its own characteristics to create its own road. It is not advisable to completely imitate the ancient and westernize. From this point of view, we need to reexamine what kind of “Sinicization” should be carried out in the form of “bar”, which is rooted in Europe but has a large-scale blossom and fruit in China.


In China‘s aesthetic system, “landscape” and “Pavilions” are the core of nature and humanity, carrying out large and small articles, poems and paintings. The unique “double-hipped roof top” in Beijing’s Forbidden City and its position as the core of Chinese cultural output also make it the only choice for our design elements.


“The mountain has a small mouth, as if there is light. He gave up his boat and entered from the mouth. After dozens of steps, Tao Yuanming‘s story of the origin of peach blossom contains the traditional Chinese aesthetic philosophy of the Eastern Jin Dynasty. Through his philosophy, we set up a narrow channel at the entrance of the space, and opened a long flat window on one side. Through the window, we can see the flowing Waterscape, surging smoke, and looming light in the lounge, and set up at the end of the corridor A piece of waterscape is set up. The two sides of waterscape are surrounded by the “double-hipped roof top” which is obtained through digital design deformation. At the same time, it also reflects the night view of the city and the guests in the shop.


From the west to the East, we have designed three “double-hipped roof tops” respectively covering two main channels, part of the water area and cocktail bar. People in the area covered by the top device will judge that this area represents “indoor” and the rest represents “outdoor”. Through the relationship between high and low scattered ramps, we have created a barrier free passage to alleviate the drop caused by the entrance ramp, while using zigzag passage to create the illusion of walking in nature.


According to the “Pro nature” principle, the seats are arranged near the window, and the two rows of seats are staggered on the elevation, so that they have mutual independence and do not affect the viewing vision of both sides. In the space, I chose the leather hard bag of “Forbidden City Red” as the background.


Bar is a cultural and entertainment product introduced from Europe to China, and its roots are in Europe. Through a series of design means, we make it engraved with the brand of Chinese style, so that domestic consumers are more familiar with it and closer to it, reducing the sense of strangeness and distance.


Red and grey bricks, water and fog, West and East, nature and man-made, traditional and modern. Through a series of reflections, experiments and arguments, we have created a new aesthetic space. It can not be defined as any style, but a combination of Commerce, culture and aesthetics in the contemporary Chinese living environment. By analyzing, demonstrating, trying, we can get a new result. We can’t judge whether it is right or wrong, we can only keep the innovative idea and critical reflection to treat every space seriously, and spread the design idea in this way to promote the progress of social aesthetics.




项目设计 & 完成年份:2019、7、6—2020、1、1



项目地址:安徽合肥 新地中心A座48楼




Project information——

Project name:On the cloud

Design:LIN-X Design institute

Design year & Completion Year:2019、7、6 —2020、1、1

Lead desiger:Jackson Wong

Team:Xianmin Zhang、Ning Zhang

Project location:nhui HeFei Xindi center 48F

Gross Built Area:270㎡

Photo credits:LIN-X Design institute

Clients:Yagu media