Liu Erxi said:“1200bookshop has always called itself a local bookstore in Guangzhou,and the past five stores are all in Tianhe,where is the new Guangzhou. Until today,we came to Yuexiu and came to Beijing Road.At this time,we were able to say more confidently that 1200bookshop belongs to Guangzhou. ”


Beijing Road in Guangzhou has a thousand-year-old ancient temple —“Great Buddha Temple”which hidden deep in the streets and lanes, there is a turquoise stone ancient road paved with glass inlaid in the Song and Ming dynasties, and there is a building with an old site with a very Republican style in the last century.It is a historical area full of thousands of years of culture. Today, it has brought together major department stores and fashion stores to become a popular business prosperity zone.


The city needs to be precipitated. As a constituent element of the city, the bookstore provides a cultural background for the city. The 1200bookshop on Beijing Road is a precipitated bookstore that blends with the local cultural background, showing people the epitome of city history under that special memory.



This is the second 24-hour bookstore. At 9pm, it will be transformed into a concert event. Reading and music are like partners in the journey, giving mutual support to the soul. In the process of reading, it is like opening the door of the third space and having a deep conversation with the master. In the world of music, we can also find emotional resonance to relieve inner conflicts.


The stone statues of the two lions in the stage area looked serious and determined. The “big character newspaper” hanging above seems to have traveled through the 1960s and 1970s, reminding people of Lu Xun‘s abandonment of medical treatment and a pen to save society. The yellowed paper is full of criticism and cynicism of social politics. At the same time, the May 4th Movement set off a revolutionary upsurge in Guangzhou, clamoring for a free society. “Hold your freedom in the wind and rain”, maybe it is hope that we raise the books in our hands and call for freedom in the music.



Guangzhou is a city with a long culture and contains too many historical marks. To be a bookstore with local characteristics in Guangzhou, in addition to creating cultural products, the overall mix of space is also well-intentioned. Desks, old-fashioned dressers, cab inets, etc., each object tells the history of the past and compiles past stories.The entire space is filled with old wood-colored elements, and an antique book smell came into being.



Unlike the shiny tiles in shopping malls, the floor of the bookstore is made of limestone, giving a rustic and clean feeling. As if returning to the period of the Republic of China, wearing flat canvas shoes, stepping lightly on the ancient road, without a trace of noise, picked up the book and silently flipped through. Even the restaurant screen reveals a touch of western customs, staggered in length, conveying the cultural story of old Guangzhou. The space is devious, we are waiting for it, the time is not old, the history is forever.



People walked through the bookshelf to the exquisite and bright restaurant. Outside the window, there is a very old and amorous building, which is a scene where people leisurely shuttle through the streets. A lot of “white clouds” appeared softer as soon as the sunlight passed through the glass. Here, people briefly pull away from the sea of books and buffer their brains with a cup of coffee or a dessert. They can also enjoy French meals and escape from the taste buds.


At present, the space of the city is constantly being squeezed. Bookstores need to stand on the cusp of the times and strive to remain unchanged in the changing world, and seek mutations in the unchanged; not only to bear the cultural development of the city, but also to bear the memory of history. The 1200bookshop on Beijing Road is like the breathing channel of a commercial street, which brings the history of the street back to life. May everyone who goes to the bookstore be a watchman of history, maintain their original heart and burst out their inner energy.