A backpacker, plodding, his luggage bent over his back, was getting late and looking for a place to stay. In a strange city, everything depends on oneself. Look, these people on the road, scattered all over the city. Only those who had nowhere else to go wandered about the streets. Although I was ready to be alone in a foreign country, but still hope to have a house tile can live, someone can say a few words. Fortunately, along the way, I met mostly warm-hearted people and received a lot of help.


The exhaustion of hike, already cannot express in a few words. Perhaps, at this time only reading, can let a person temporarily forget the physical pain


The street shops lit up one after another and began to open for the night.Thus, the people of the prophet’s vision, holding the bottom of the dream and reality, lit a midnight light for the city, transfer some warmth and energy.


At the beginning of July 2014, in the bustling east sports street, a small but unknown bookstore with a universe in it humbly lit a light sign in a place full of commercial shops, showing warmth and purity.



At the entrance,which is less than two metres wide,books are as far as the eye can see.In the middle of the use of cement stairs,silent,not shiny but faintly revealing personality.The two sides are pasted with the handwriting of people‘s past stories,as if through the time tunnel, mysterious people want to find out.



A narrow staircase leads to the second floor. Unexpectedly,the corner is a secluded reading room.Open a small wooden door,there is a hole in the sky.Surrounded by a wall of books,rows of tables and chairs,it was so quiet that only the sound of people leafing through them could be heard.In this space,you will forget the passage of time,forget where you are,forget all the troubles of life.You are just you,a person wandering in the sea of books,looking for life.

▲二层内部-Inside the second floor


On the second floor,it seems that a door has been pushed open.The first thing that enters people‘s eyes is a variety of interesting books and cultural slogans.The channel is still not wide,the remaining architectural ceiling adds a unique charm to the bookstore,and the light hits the book wall appropriately,reflecting the temperature of the bookstore.Everyone is looking for a book that can represent their own state of mind. Touching the papert with their fingertips,they are the epiphany of the self.The entire bookstore presents a quiet and comfortable atmosphere,the collision of logs and books,the confrontation of sculpture and old objects,the interweaving of light and darkness,and finally all of them create a space for feeling old.People may not buy books or even sit down and read,but at that time,they will certainly enjoy the tranquility brought by the bookstore space.

▲读书区-Reading area


The charm of visiting a bookstore is to discover an orderly world.Rows of bookshelves place books in different categories.The extended light line guides people to an interesting non-real world and builds an orderly self.People are wandering between books inexhaustibly.People look for a book, order a cup of coffee,sit in front of the window,or sit in a comfortable and quiet corner.If you are looking for information for self-study, there is also a reading room to choose.


The small bookstore,but full of warmth,provides a clear place for everyone who desires the spirit and soul.

▲沙发客区域-Sofa guest area


This is the core area of the bookstore-the sofa guest.It is a shelter for backpackers who come from afar or travel to Guangzhou for a short stop.Almost all backpacker came to a strange city with panic anxiety. But here, you can read books,make friends and remove the burden and fatigue.Despite the size of the land,it is full of warmth.


In order to meet the different needs of readers and provide better services to readers,the bookstore expanded and renovated the second floor in November 2019,and the area has more than doubled.As the head office of 1200bookshop,it is the starting point for the establishment of the bookstore and the spiritual origin of 1200bookshop.For many readers,bookshop in Sports East is the utopia of modern society and the ideal bookstore in the minds of most people.It is for those modern people who are pursuing the supreme spirit and soul to enclose an island where they stop to stay.Outside the island,there are endless driving lanes,a fast-paced life out of control;and inside the island,is a vast cloud water seagull flying competition pure and quiet.