This is liu erxi‘s sixth branch of the 1200bookshop. 1200bookshop, as a local independent bookstore in Guangzhou, is the cultural beacon of the city.


Askerid Klein, one of the architects who used to be Daikanyama Takuya Bookstore, said: “If Takuya Bookstore is a successful project, the design may only account for 50%.”


The 1200bookshop won a lot of compliments because the story was so warm.Continuing the roots of 1200bookshop and catering to the warm tone, Liu Erxi decided to make some little surprises in the design.


Going to a bookstore to read a book is like a designer picking up a pen and starting to imagine and create the world in which he lives.Because the designer loves to engage with nature, the owner of this bookstore is “enjoying reading in nature, feeling time and life”.How to link people, books, and designs closely? “I don’t think it‘s more special to grow a fish’s scales into squares. I want to grow it in the natural environment as it should be.”Through the concept of “harmonious coexistence of nature”, the designer decided to build a natural spatial mood and break the enclosed space to enjoy the quietness, just like people in the park, listening to flowers and insects, or meditating.



The 1200bookshop is located on the inside of the square, opposite the center of the square. In such a lively and quiet location, how to create a space that is independent of the hustle and bustle and suitable for immersive thinking? Through the preliminary survey of the site and the investigation of the surrounding environment, the designer believes that what should be retained is the comfort brought by the sunken square.


In this materially rich social environment, only light can rival any substance, and it is a spiritual pursuit. The use of natural light can best shape the spatial structure. So, the designer planted a tree in the atrium, the sun spread, and the mottled tree reflected here, showing the charm of life to the fullest. Around the atrium, the original space was designed as an “arc” extension——“to preserve the life of the original space, plus the new life. I think this is a practical process, everything needs to grow.”


Outside the tree is the world of books. The two lives echo each other, create people‘s spiritual value orientation, untie the bondage brought by time, and indulge in every tender moment accompanied by light. Can not help but pick up a pen, open a book, the world inside and outside the book into one.


The bookstore is a diversified existence. It needs constant growth and innovation to avoid the singularity of the physical bookstore. At the branch of Jiahe Wanggang in 1200bookshop, Liu Erxi chose the mixed mode of book + wine + coffee + creative to meet the mainstream consumer experience. In addition, the 1200 Bookstore also added an event venue lease. Therefore, it is necessary to reserve a small stage area in the design. So, the whole design is divided into three parts-bar area, cultural and creative reading area, and atrium.




While keeping the original structure as much as possible, smooth design movement is the main problem. Due to the limitation of the event venue, and the table and chairs were not widely moved, the stage was set at the entrance, and the bookcase was used as the background to isolate the main reading area. The cash register bar is located at the other side door, which plays the role of controlling the global vision. Therefore, one side of the entrance is a bookcase, and the other side is a wine cabinet. In the case of no conflict, they “harmoniously coexist” and take care of each other. Just like a book, the development of the storyline will not be seen at a glance, but it will not be unpredictable. There will always be a turning point at a certain point of time, which will attract people to read.



The cultural and creative reading area occupies most of the space and stretches circularly around the atrium. In order to fully create a reading atmosphere, the seat is set at the innermost side and separated by two rows of bookcases, showing the sense of space on the four walls of the book. The main cultural and creative and popular books are placed on the outside for people to choose and move around. In order to weaken the unity of the space area, the bookcase with flowing lines extends indefinitely, blocking the boring feeling of the space.


In this case, the 1200 bookshop in Jiahe Wanggang not only maintains the usual quietness and elegance, but also adds the elements of “wine” and “nature”.Based on this design logic, it may be interpreted as “Human beings have the perfection of nature and the blessings of nature, can have the opportunity to interpret the culture of books and wine. ”




项目位置:广州白云区嘉禾望岗云门New Park云里B1下沉广场






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