Shenzhen, like a castle built up with reinforced concrete, is a metropolis driven by the hustle and bustle of life. This fast-paced city calls for a space to temporarily escape from fatigue and restlessness. DDDD Creative Company was entrusted by the client to design a typical Thai massage and spa space in the city.


The stereotype image of Thailand among most people can be described by green plants, wood carvings and elephant. However, many neglected cultural heritages are waiting for discovery, such as primitive villages, historical sites like loess city walls.



Chiang Mai is the origin of ancient Thai massage and SPA. The project’s design uses the red brick elements of the ancient city wall of Chiang Mai throughout the space. The scattered and stacked waterscape echoes the tropical green plants that are amazingly located. The shadows on the city wall are dancing with the glittering water. The space is like being placed in the ancient capital of Lan Na Kingdom, leaving behind all distractions for a moment.




The entrance room, as a waiting and display area, isolates the noise from the streets. The light is reflected on the red brick wall through the gate’s round window and the reeded glass with fuzzy transparency.


Putting loess as the main tone of the space, retro materials of the same color scheme such as red bricks, thin rock slabs, terrazzo, red dyeing cloth, earthy red antique bricks are mixed to portray the trace of the ancient city of Lan Na Kingdom.




The foot bath pool is adorned with tropical rain forest waterscape. The white wisteria flowers hanging on the ceiling and the mist are refracted through the mirror, feeling like you are sitting in an ancient garden.






The local life in the past is vividly delineated with furnishings and soft decorations like Chiang Mai’s native wood carvings hidden among tropical plants, various herbs and utensils, rattan furniture and screen partitions, coarse linen dyeing hanging curtains, and afloat lamps among water mist.




The fragrance of citrus grass is lingering in the air of the rest area with water gurgling. This area is semi-partitioned by orderly placed dark brown herbal bottles, echoing with the rattan furniture. The space is not only fully used, but has a spacious view.



The second floor is paved with soft carpet. The design intends to create sensory illusion through installations like mirrors, transparent glasses, thick curtains and semi-transparent shutters, as well as the switches between different textures of the ground. It enables people to forget the surroundings and enjoy the feelings at the moment.


The top part of the stairs is deliberately lowered to set up a red-brick pool to enhance the sense of traveling between ancient structures. The mist above the pool floats gracefully with the airflow as people move.




The sunlight that shines into the pool through the wooden shutters is reflected on tropical plants and dyed cloth and finally disappeared in the water mist, pulling the memory back to the space.




The dim earthy red space is imbued with the fragrance of lemongrass and the birds singing and gurgling water. The design intends to mobilize the visual, olfactory and auditory senses for a peaceful and calm mind, so that people can fully devote themselves to the tranquility of the ancient city, being physically prepared for the traditional SPA.



Thick curtains and dim lights are applied in the massage room and SPA room for privacy and security concerns. The deliberately arranged empty space is conducive to the immersion in the Thai SPA with physical and mental relaxation.




在品牌搭建上,灯灯灯凳创意公司希望馈予品牌一份泰国蘭纳古都的印迹与体验,以承载过往印记的黄土– 即“LOESS”,测量时间与记忆厚度,品牌命名LOESSSPA也因此而来。

In terms of brand design, the DDDD Creative Company hopes to endow the brand with the imprint and experience of the ancient capital of Lan Na Kingdom. The LOESS, which bears the past traces and is used to embrace time and memory, gives birth to the brand name LOESSSPA.


The earthy yellow of the city wall is regarded as the brand’s main visual identity color, and shadows of light shining through trees on the city wall form the brand’s main vision.


Fine brushwork of tropical plants is utilized to balance the heaviness of the wall’s color, injecting dynamic and rich content to the brand.











设计公司:灯灯灯凳创意公司(DDDD Creative Company)

主创设计师:John Sun 孙伟忠


品牌定位:Renee Zhu 朱尔年










Project Information——

Project Name:LOESSSPA

Project Location:No. 95, Block 1, Yu’an 1st Road, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China

Project Type:Thai Spa

Project Area:283 square meters

Completion Time:January 2021

Design Scope:Brand strategy and positioning, Brand VIS design, Product packaging design, Space design, Decoration design, Lighting design

Design Company:DDDD Creative Company

Chief Designer:John Sun

Design Team:

Brand Positioning:Renee Zhu

Brand VI Design:H’

Project Coordinator:Herb

Deepening Design:QQ, Max, Yong Lin

Photographer:Vincent Wu

Main Materials:Eagle Ceramics, Y/A VENEER SLATE, LVBA MOSHI Terrazzo, Armstrong Flooring