亚历山德罗·门迪尼 Alessandro Mendini

于2019年2月18日辞世 享年87岁

Alessandro Mendini

Passed away on February 18, 2019, at the age of 87


He had been known for many names: the father of Italian postmodern design, a renowned Italian designer, reincarnation of Da Vinci, the architect exceling at both perspective and practical designs, an outstanding design critic, the most influential Italian designer in the late 20th century, the “elderly child” of the design world…


Mendini, who had diverse identities across multiple design fields, created countless world-renowned designs in his legendary life. Starting from his “Anna” bottle opener, to iterations of the Proust Chair, to the Tram Station Steintor in Hannover, Germany, and to the Groeninge Museum, Mendini had received numerous praises from the world.


Mendini insisted on designing through sketching, and he had always taken a poetic approach to design, thinking “design is like poetry, which you have to pay attention to expressions and emotions”. If we were to choose three words to “label” Mendini, they would be “rebellious,” “an elderly child,” and “a legend”.


“Tribute to Mendini” Culture-Centered Product Design Contest Background


In these past two years, we have experienced too many farewells with iconic people from various industries around the world. Some people say it represents the end of an era; the glowing era they created had passed, but the icons passed down their seeds to our generations. Similarly, with the passing of Mendini, the Proust Chair may never be redesigned again; yet we appreciate him for bringing us such a special creation, and the postmodern designs are still affecting our generations.


On March 19th, Funner Art (Hangzhou) Co., ltd. signed an IP authorization contract for Mendini, and decided to launch “Tribute to Mendini” Culture-Centered Product Design Contest, extending the ethos of the designer.


Main image for Mendini‘s authorized IP:


The color scheme for Mendini’s authorized IP:


Examples of further applications of Mendini‘s IP:



Mr. Alessandro Guerriero

Founder of Studio Alchimia

Co-Founder of Domus Academy in Italy

Mendini’s long-term partner

Su Dan

Deputy Director of Tsinghua University Art Museum

Professor of Tsinghua University Academy of Fine Arts

Visiting Professor Of Domus Academy in Italy

Visiting Professor of Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (NABA)

Member of International Institute of Metaphysical Club

Zeng Hui

Deputy Director and Planning Director of Beijing International Design Week Organizing Committee

Guo Xi

CEO of Funner Art (Beijing) Co., ltd.


The contest is divided into product group and concept group.

-The product group is for physical products that can be put into mass-production

-The concept group is for perspective projects that cannot be mass-produced yet.

There are two categories: Everyday Creative Design and Unrestricted Design

生活类创意设计(Everyday Creative Design.)


Adhering to the theme of “make everyday artsy, and make art everyday,” Participants should strive to use design to enhance the quality of life. Possible designs include office supplies (including but not limited to pens, notebooks, pencil cases, document bags, storage bags, computer bags, backpacks, cutting matts, table top objects, mouse pads, etc.), household items (including but not limited to towels, tissue, storage bags, bedding, tissue boxes, cups, and coasters, etc.), tableware, clothing, jewelry, sports equipment, consumer electronics, etc. Please focus on combining Mendini‘s authorized IP design elements with daily products.


Culture-centered product design focuses on combining traditional culture with modern technology, artistic value with practical functions, creative design with market demand. It also emphasizes on traditional crafts and the innovative uses of traditional materials, which lead to culture-centered designs that meet the standards of modern aesthetics. The entries should focus on its uniqueness and originality. They should be forward-thinking and different from products in the current market. Plagiarism is not tolerated.

自由创作(Unrestricted Design)


Participants can go beyond the authorized IP restrictions and create freely, with Mendini’s design philosophy in mind.






Participants should choose a category to create an innovative design. Each entry can only be submitted to one category, with the choice of being in either product group or concept group. Entries may be from individuals or from groups.

All entries must be original works. Designs must not have received any award, been published, nor participated in other competitions. Participants are responsible for intellectual property disputes brought by their works.

Please make backups of your works, for the winning entries will not be returned.

The organizer has permission to exhibit the submitted works. The entries have the opportunity to participate in the Beijing International Design Week, along with other exhibitions.

Individuals or teams participating in the competition shall abide by the rules of the contest and other relevant requirements. The organizer has the rights to the final interpretation of the rules of the competition.

竞赛时间表及报名及提稿方式(Contest Timeline and Submission Method)






June 15, 2019: Registration Period ends;

June 25, 2019: Project Submission Period ends;

The organizer will complete contract signing and production of some products or samples by August 20, 2019;

September, 2019: selected entries participate in Beijing International Design Week;

报名及提稿方式:(Registration and Submission)

报名方式:(Registration Method)


Please scan the QR code below and fill in your information;


(or click the link: registration information)


After the registration is approved, the organizer will email further documents to the contestants through zizaifun@163.com: including but not limited to Contest Invitation Letter, Entry Code, Confidentiality Agreement, and Mendini related design materials; please make sure to fill in your correct email during registration.

提稿方式:(Submission method)


Participants should email their designs to zizaifun@163.com titled as “Mendini Contest” by June 25, 2019. Make sure to download, sign, and include the Confidentiality Agreement. Failing to do so will result in disqualification of your entry.

如有实物作品(或模型)须寄至:北京市朝阳区建国门外大街一号国贸共享际首层L1008“范ER”矫先生 13511355863(非咨询电话,咨询请发邮件)

If there are physical works (or models), they should be mailed to:

Mr. Jiao +8613511355863

(this number is not for calling; please email us instead if you have any questions)

Funner Art, L1008, 5Lmeet

No.1 Jianguomenwai Avenue, ChaoyangDistrict, Beijing, P.R.China


For further enquiries, please send an email to zizaifun@163.com, and use “Mendini Competition Consultation” as the title.


Requirements for digital submissions:






The submission material should include the following contents:

① Photos of your design (300dpi, A3 size page)

② Entry Registration Form, which should indicate the Entry Code, title of work, materials, date, size (length x width x height cm); do not include any personal information, including names.

③ Design description of the entry, including your design intent and market application prospects. The design description should include both images and texts, with a considered layout.

④ The selected works in the Everyday Creative Design category will be put into production immediately. The submitted entries should meet the requirements and standards for processing and production, but note that the submissions are not limited to only physical models, renderings, and technical drawings (including dimensions). If the design cannot be put into production, the submission will be considered invalid.


Photographs of the entries need to have multiple angles, scale references, and the dimensions of the work (length x width x height cm). The electronic files are in JPG format, 300 dpi, A3 size page, and no larger than 5M.


For designs with multiple components, please specify the size and material for each individual piece.


The products or models need to have a solid wood packaging box, which is sturdy, easy to handle, and affixed with a label (Entry Code).






one winning project, with prizes of 50,000 yuan and a certificate;

two second places, with prizes of 20,000 yuan and a certificate;

three third places, with prizes of 5,000 yuan and a certificate;

multiple excelling projects, with a certificate.




From the competition, the organizer will select designs to put into production, and the designer will obtain 10% of contract price as royalties.


本次竞赛由主办方选中生产销售作品,将有机会在产品包装上以“向大师致敬 Mendini x ***”的字样出现设计师署名(“***”为设计师的署名);


Signing and Publication:

The selected works in production will have the opportunity to present the designer‘s signature on the product packaging, in the form of “Tribute to Mendini x *designer’s name*”

Entries to this competition have the opportunity to participate in design shows and art exhibitions internationally and domestically that Funner Art (Hangzhou) Co., ltd. host or participate in.


本次竞赛所涉及的有关Mr. Allessandro Mendini (亚历山德罗 门迪尼)的设计形象、图案等所有内容,均经过作者授权,受国际版权及中国相关法律保护,艺自在(杭州)文化有限公司拥有其全球开发权。该内容仅限参赛者用于本次竞赛,参赛者不得在任何其他情况下使用该内容(包括含有该内容的参赛作品不得在其他任何情况下使用)。


Confidentiality and Copyright Protection for Mendini‘s Authorized IP

All content related to Mr. Allessandro Mendini’s designs, images, and patterns in this competition are authorized by the authors, protected by Chinese and International Copyright Laws, and Funner Art (Hangzhou) Co., ltd. has their global development rights. The content is for use in this competition by the participants only. Participants cannot use the content in any other circumstances (including using the entries containing the content).

The Illustrator documents issued by the competition organizer are confidential and shall not be circulated. If the registration is successful through the link provided by the organizer, the participants are deemed to consent to, sign, and comply with this confidentiality agreement.




Organizer: Funner Art (Hangzhou) Culture Co, Ltd.

Co-Organizer: Beijing Wisdom of Hearts and Crafts Co, Ltd.

Director: Cultural and Creative Industries Office of Fuyang,Hanzhou


Funner Art Background


Funner Art sets to create the spiritual homes that urban people pursue and yearn for. We focus on art as our core value, combining with culture, fashion, and entertainment. We plan, design, invest, build, operate, and manage commercial and regional development projects. As an integrated art industry chain combining art exhibitions, art consultancy, art business platforms, and art derivative agency, we provide a unique, free, and quality lifestyle through art commercial and culture-centered tourism.