People may have a special bond with part of the memories about the past life. Focusing on people’s feelings, continuing the past life experience as well as creating a new life experience for the client is the most interesting and important core for this project.

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In this project, white is the most important memory factor. This simple factor is placed into the space through using many different blocks and it shapes functional spaces of every floor, creating a clear, cozy and refined atmosphere appropriately.

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The flake-shaped stairs and star-like glittery vertical chandeliers penetrate and connect all floors, functional spaces are thus divided and connected. In this way, the space get rid of rigorous geometrical shapes and create a feeling of leisure.

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For the first floor, the design concept of BOX placed in the center divides the whole space into living room, dining area (including open kitchen), sub living room and reading room. The BOX placed in the center is the core of the space, just as what the words on the wall means – the core value of home.

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The floating-type stairs which is two steps raised sharpen the boundaries between areas within the space. The large scale window ensures good ventilation and plenty of light in the space, at the same time, it corresponds with the courtyard outside, so the residents can easily experience the flow of time and the change of season.

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Space required by children’s growing up is the main connecting link of the second floor. We add some bright colors and irregular shapes in this soft and warm space, creating a warm environment which also corresponds to the active nature of children.

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The third floor is the master bedroom. The main bathroom in the middle is like a hidden BOX that divides the master bedroom into sleeping area and changing area. While, the design of the island commode within the bathroom is an actual BOX that implements the virtual and actual BOX space concept to its actualization more precisely.

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The basement is the reception area of the host. Art works are used to makes division and transformation of tonality in the staircase. Grey and black are taken as main colors on this floor, making this space magnificent, stable and passes some sense of Zen.

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The whole design is restrained and keeps a low key. It fulfills the needs for every family member and create a tranquil space for the family.

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Design Company: Wei Yi International Design Associates (www.lw-id.com)

專案性質: 獨棟別墅/私人住宅

Project Type: Single family house/private house

室內面積: 740平方米

Interior Area: 740㎡


Outdoor courtyard: 400㎡

項目位址: 中國南京

Location: Nanjing, China


Completion Time: 2016.11


Photographer: JMS

Main materials: steel brushed oak veneer with dark grey surface and spray painting finish, white carrara marble imported from Italy, THK/9mm steel plate with white cold spray painted finish, special cement paint imported from Germany, stone skin, stainless steel with hair line finish, blackboard paint imported from Belgium, pandomo imported from Germany, oak Sea-Island wood flooring, casamance wall covering imported from France








作品曾登上多家國內外媒體,如德國《PLACES Of Spirit》、義大利《Marie Claire Italy》、紐西蘭《Home Living》等刊物;並獲得如臺灣TID獎、臺灣金點設計獎、香港APIDA亞太室內設計大獎、中國IAI、新加坡INSIDE World Festival of Interiors、德國iF設計大獎及德國設計大獎German Design Award、德國紅點Red Dot設計大獎、義大利A’DESIGN等獎項。於未來設計的方向,仍以低度設計為主軸,將文化、藝術、環保、經濟等相關元素,整合運用於設計規劃。

Wei Yi International Design Associates

Wei Yi International Design Associates was founded in 2003. For multi-directional extension of the design concept, the brand Newspaper was set up in 2009. Brand symbol N is presented in the way of “Po Bi” of Chinese calligraphy in oriental culture; it implies the design concept of Wei Yi International Design Associates.

Designer Fang Xin-Yuan graduated from National Taiwan University of Arts, and served in Kris Yao Artech and SL+A International Asia. He always observes and studies urban humanity through travelling to different cities. Wei Yi International Design Associates is committed to applying low impact design into residential planning and research, and exploring the influence on every aspect of living in such low impact spaces.

His works have been featured by many media both at home and abroad, such as 《PLACES Of Spirit》in Germany, 《Marie Claire Italy》in Italy, 《Home Living》in New Zealand etc.. He has won many awards, among which there are TID Award(Taiwan), Golden Pin Design Award(Taiwan), APIDA(HK), IAI(China), INSIDE World Festival of Interiors (Singapore), IF Design Award(Germany), German Design Award, Red Dot Design Award(Germany), A’DESIGN(Italy). For future design, invisible design will still be taken as centerpiece, and related elements such as culture, art, environmental protection and economy will be integrated and applied in design planning.