01 《观·影·形》


Appreciation means view and concept, shaping indicates form and pattern, and photographing means image and influence. The image is focused in the form of photographic art to convey the heart sound and arouse the resonation.


The exhibition attracts photographers from America, Germany, Italy, Argentina, San Marino, Burma, Iran and Japan, and gathers several themes such as documentary, human portrait, concept and scenery.

时   间: 2014年10月12日  – 2014年11月10日

地   点:中华世纪坛负一层



02 “观·品”十国摄影组织主席展


时   间: 2014年10月12日  – 2014年11月05日

地   点:中华世纪坛一层中心展厅

03 触摸经典—175+175·世界摄影大师原作展


The year 2014 marks the 175th anniversary of the birth of photography. This special visual language has since its introduction been employed to record moments and the changes of human society in modern times, and gradually evolved technically and in other aspects such as its artistic expression.


Opportunities arising from historical turns and increasingly sophisticated photography call forth the inborn artistic talent of a group of outstanding photographers who have produced classic works including, among other things, the first “motion picture” in human history – Eadwear Muybridge’s The Horse in Motion, Man Ray’s Self-Portrait, and Robert Capa’s D-Day Landings.


This exhibition is the first of its kind in China to present an assemblage of classic original photographs from all over the world – 175 pieces created by photography masters worldwide, including the most influential, most representative and most touching ones ever since the emergence of photography, in an effort to underline the special theme for the 175th anniversary of the birth of photography.

时   间: 2014年10月12日  – 2014年10月18日

地   点:中华世纪坛二层世纪大厅

04 身边—京津冀高校优秀摄影作品展


By showing the beauty university teachers and students have discovered around them through photography, the exhibition is intended to reflect the trends of photography in the sociable and cultural environments of contemporary universities, and encourage university teachers and students to discover via photography the beauty around them and thus display positive energy in life.


While showcasing Beijing university teachers’ and students’ thinking and practice concerning photography, a portion of universities in Tianjin and Hebei have been invited to participate in the event, in an effort to implement the national strategy for coordinated development of the three regions – Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei – and hence build a platform by which university teachers and students in these regions can carry out photography exchange and exhibition activities.

时   间: 2014年10月12日  – 2014年10月18日

地   点:中华世纪坛三层西环廊

05 中国梦—人民生活与社会变迁


This is an exhibition concerning China. The Chinese Dream is more a dream of ordinary Chinese people. The photos selected for the exhibition are intended to give the viewers a glimpse of the process – not the result – of the Chinese pursuing their dreams over the past century, trying to give clear expression to the special historical environment China has been in as well as the elements and endowments of the Chinese while representing the scenes in everyday life of the Chinese. Behind those folk scenes, those actions, expressions, clothes, houses and roads, and those particular ways of life are just the series of great changes in China over the century.


The exhibition tries to answer questions the audience may have: What aspirations, joys and sorrows that this nation with one-fifth of the world’s population once had? What changes happened to ordinary people’s humble dreams, and what directions did they aspire to go towards? In these images, perhaps one could find the answer. And the answer is: The unique veiled and tenacious disposition the Chinese have when confronted by difficulties, as well as the Chinese survival wisdom of the unity of man and nature and of the imitation of nature, is part of the Chinese soul.


All the photos on display come from China’s largest photo repository, China Photo Archive of Xinhua News Agency. Over the past 60 years, Xinhua photojournalists across the country have taken – as many as possible – photographs of historical moments they experienced, to reflect the times they have been in. When viewing these photos one by one in a chronological order, what one could see is a spirit and soul history of the Chinese people, a bibliographical body impossible to be superseded by writing. And in this sense, photojournalists are apparently workers on history.

时   间: 2014年10月12日  – 2014年10月30日

地   点:中华世纪坛二层西方厅

06 享受4G,美好记忆—“云影像”大众手机摄影作品展


This exhibition presents 153 outstanding works selected from 582,664 mobile photos, and as well as 10 more works by 10 mobile photographers who have been invited for the first time to the event. Such public involvement is intended to further promote mobile photography and build a platform to encourage more mobile photography enthusiasts to enjoy 4G and keep good memories.

时   间: 2014年10月12日  – 2014年10月18日

地   点:中华世纪坛三层东环廊

07 华赛十年:国际新闻摄影比赛获奖作品回顾展


Ten years have passed since the inception of China International Press Photo Contest (CHIPP) in 2005. The decade, perhaps only a moment in world history of journalism though, has been a witness to the growth of the CHIPP and to its theme – “Peace and Development”.


Over the past decade, the CHIPP has received nearly 300,000 photographs from tens of thousands of photojournalists and photographers in nearly 100 countries and regions worldwide, about 3,000 of them given different CHIPP awards. It has been a rule for international major and well-known news organizations such as news agencies, photo agencies, newspapers and magazines to regard the CHIPP as a platform for photojournalist competition, suggesting the increasingly prominent international status, authority and influence of the CHIPP. Today, not only has the CHIPP become one of the most important benchmarks among global press photo contests, but it also has helped the world understand China’s perspective, perception and comprehension of journalism.


By showcasing 150-200 CHIPP award-winning works in the past ten contests, this exhibition, on the one hand, looks back upon the CHIPP’s decade-long course of development, and on the other, once more gives prominence to its “Peace and Development” theme.

时   间: 2014年10月12日  – 2014年10月30日

地   点:中华世纪坛二层东方厅

08 梦镜新界系列展


The invention of photography and its advances mirrors humans’ objective perception of and thinking on images. A dreamland is a complex assemblage of consciousness, and also a collective embodiment of subjective images. How to subjectivize an objective image and put an image in the lens into a dreamland where it is to be distilled and refined, is just the process of art creation; an image presented by photography can be the epitome of the real world, and it can also be a fantastic idea. Either way, an image can always lead the viewer into a brand-new realm that is dominated by the photographer.

将新奇、生动、情趣和观念传达给观众。带领读者进入一个崭新的世界  新的视界。随着时代的进步、技术的更新、人文观念的转变,对于画面内容与形式有了高级复杂的要求,从特定的再现到多元的表现,从限定的意境到不定的情感。当我们面对作品,一个“新界”逐渐构成,融合着我们的认知和心性,尤如清晰的梦境  关乎中国,关乎世界……

What images convey to the audience is a sense of novelty, liveliness or interest, or conception, and they present before the audience a brand-new world, a new visual world. Alongside the advancement of times, upgrading of technology, and transformation of human notions, there are advanced and complex requirements on the content and form of images, with a shift to take place from particular representation to diverse expression, and from definite imagery to indefinite sensibility. When we face the works, a “new realm” gradually appears, which blends with our sense and temperament to form a distinct dreamland concerning China and the world at large.

时   间: 2014年10月12日  – 2014年11月05日

地   点:中华世纪坛一层 F1